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Same difference

Reading a book for children about crystals. Produced by the prolific EYEWITNESS series, characterized by the diversity of information and figures. The author(s) judgmental consistency is a little off — crystal healing is described in the same dispassionate, clear style as the piezoelectricity of quartz (and on the same page!) but the curse following the Hope diamond is categorically dismissed. If we didn’t have the word “infamous,” I’d forget that being famous is supposed to be good.

>>Sparkle motion<<

Oh but, did you know that Pedro the Cruel, King of Castile, Spain, gave a HUGE balas ruby to the Black Prince, son of King Ed #3, England, for the latter’s help in winning the Battle of Najera in 1367? The number of carets equals the population of Port Royal, Virginia (2000 census). A balas ruby is actually a red spinel, MgAl2O4, and this one is as big as a chicken egg.

(safe then never)


What is the smallest level of self-preservation? Does information like to continue to exist? I like ways to transmit information, DNA, prions, bits. What is the best (most efficient, most varied but robust) number of bits for encryption?

fatty spheres

Reassuring – the non-human world is still far too complicated to understand in a lifetime.  Layers of approximations in our symbolic replications of lipid membranes–quantum, atomic, course-grained, mesomeric, fluid dynamics. They’d give you a Ph.D. to make it, but still so childishy simplified and imperfect compared to the Real Thing. And all this work, but less effort justifying assumptions. Hilariously, researchers gotta verify that their computer simulated water is actually a liquid.


Does the loss of regional and class-specific accents force a more economically mobile society, or do we just become more attuned to subtler signals of origins? Is social class particularly worth maintaining between generations? Obviously lame, but very stabilizing.

Daisy in The Great Gatsby is so similar to Estella in Great Expectations. My sister concurrs. I’m sure essays have been scrawled. Tempted.

Butterfly not

But purposely creating them is complicated enough to necessitate the boy scouts and sailors. Who detangles? Alexander the Great has a strategy. Topoisomerases untie knots in DNA. Mathmagicians denumerate 128 billion unique knots with the backbone crossing itself two dozen times. This nervous man from Pennsylvania tells me trefoil rotaxaknot attempt one failed.

Do you ever use an acronym so often that its full name is lost?


Button-down shirts and 280 chairs in this room, slouching inherently uncomfortable. Nervous giggles, but aren’t porphyrins cool? So much time in a basement, you’d think I was a vampire. “I will definitely be doing that, I guess is my answer.” I wish all fields one could study had their own shorthand primed for rapid notetaking. Jargon is too verbose!


the day is like one day. will it get done? the more i do the more there is.

Bought a whole bunch of flowers still in seed form, I think I will plant them carelessly outside my window and hope for some nonzero percent yield. The directions are very specific, and in the metric system.

ultimate sunburst.

It’s the Girl Scouts cookie-peddlin’ season again. The only one I binge on (Thin Mints) is illustrated unappetizingly with a gaggle of open-mouthed girls with helmets (upside-down white bowls?) atop their heads. I can’t decide if they are exhilarated from recent rock climbing, or if their exuberance is in anticipation. Either way, they don the awkward nylon crotch-guard – safety harness for mid-air suspension. Four cookies (Thin Mints, obviously, but they are labeled in funky font anyway) are placed somewhat menacingly beneath the girls, so perhaps those wide grins can be reinterpreted as grimaces of terror. The Thin Mints are coming!!

Bought ’em yesterday. I pretended to be a twitching addict, paranoid side-looks, trembling hands passed over eight dollars, then effusively thankful. My unwitting dealer stood beside her mom, and I tried to reconstruct the father from their small unlikenesses.

[40 kcal. Also, 1% of my daily requirement of iron, weirdly.]


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  • Wonder: So I wonder why you cross lines between all levels of abstraction so swiftly and I wonder whether you even notice. I wonder to what degree these c
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