True story about snow

Better late than sorry

Posted on: March 27, 2010

Same difference

Reading a book for children about crystals. Produced by the prolific EYEWITNESS series, characterized by the diversity of information and figures. The author(s) judgmental consistency is a little off — crystal healing is described in the same dispassionate, clear style as the piezoelectricity of quartz (and on the same page!) but the curse following the Hope diamond is categorically dismissed. If we didn’t have the word “infamous,” I’d forget that being famous is supposed to be good.

>>Sparkle motion<<

Oh but, did you know that Pedro the Cruel, King of Castile, Spain, gave a HUGE balas ruby to the Black Prince, son of King Ed #3, England, for the latter’s help in winning the Battle of Najera in 1367? The number of carets equals the population of Port Royal, Virginia (2000 census). A balas ruby is actually a red spinel, MgAl2O4, and this one is as big as a chicken egg.

(safe then never)


2 Responses to "Better late than sorry"

Why did you stop writing? Is this really the end?

This is beyond amazing. I would have it with my toast and eggs!

Please please please say it isn’t so.

omg I bring I back from he dead just for you, zombie blooooog

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