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gross, you're filled with worms!

Did you know there are buffalo (Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo) in Golden Gate park? Small range for roving though. DID YOU KNOW “Home on the Range” is the state song of Kansas ??

Estimated turnout for the 99th Bay to Breakers – 60,000. I wonder how many others had my birthday?

The internet is showing me an eagle dropping a tortoise from great heights. Whoosh! Bounce! Split! Ugly fluffy chick chirping happy. Let’s start a campaign to outfit these chunky Chelonia with some utilitarian parachutes. Human technology is way cuter on a smugly smiling turtle.

oh how pretty.

Efficiency above all else! (Some fish eatin’ eagles can spend as little as 8 minutes a day fishing. But not all water contains fish.)


Everytime I feel compelled to spend a lot of money, I go instead to the public library and load up. As much as I can hold! For free! Best Game Show, ever. Also, since a robot scans the barcodes, I check out without fearing librarian judgement. Twilight on CD, baby! A lotta blah blah blah about sparkly vampire’s alabaster skin and topaz eyes–girl’s into rocks I guess.

Additionally, books about bears, vanilla, the albatross, bridges and tunnels, a handbook of different types of survival kits, fiction book about accidentally identical unrelated girls at a victorian boarding school.

Which mispronunciations earn  your disdain?  Nuclear? Library? Larvae? I thought it was “for all intensive purposes” until recently.

Song for today – Sunlight – Harlem Shakes.


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  • and/but: Yeah, there's good reason to despise the desire to define terms: define "define." Define "desire." Define "reason." Bleh, etc., and so on. But I wond
  • Wonder: So I wonder why you cross lines between all levels of abstraction so swiftly and I wonder whether you even notice. I wonder to what degree these c
  • realsnowfake: omg I bring I back from he dead just for you, zombie blooooog