True story about snow

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Everytime I feel compelled to spend a lot of money, I go instead to the public library and load up. As much as I can hold! For free! Best Game Show, ever. Also, since a robot scans the barcodes, I check out without fearing librarian judgement. Twilight on CD, baby! A lotta blah blah blah about sparkly vampire’s alabaster skin and topaz eyes–girl’s into rocks I guess.

Additionally, books about bears, vanilla, the albatross, bridges and tunnels, a handbook of different types of survival kits, fiction book about accidentally identical unrelated girls at a victorian boarding school.

Which mispronunciations earn  your disdain?  Nuclear? Library? Larvae? I thought it was “for all intensive purposes” until recently.

Song for today – Sunlight – Harlem Shakes.



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