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It’s the Girl Scouts cookie-peddlin’ season again. The only one I binge on (Thin Mints) is illustrated unappetizingly with a gaggle of open-mouthed girls with helmets (upside-down white bowls?) atop their heads. I can’t decide if they are exhilarated from recent rock climbing, or if their exuberance is in anticipation. Either way, they don the awkward nylon crotch-guard – safety harness for mid-air suspension. Four cookies (Thin Mints, obviously, but they are labeled in funky font anyway) are placed somewhat menacingly beneath the girls, so perhaps those wide grins can be reinterpreted as grimaces of terror. The Thin Mints are coming!!

Bought ’em yesterday. I pretended to be a twitching addict, paranoid side-looks, trembling hands passed over eight dollars, then effusively thankful.┬áMy unwitting dealer stood beside her mom, and I tried to reconstruct the father from their small unlikenesses.

[40 kcal. Also, 1% of my daily requirement of iron, weirdly.]



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