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fatty spheres

Reassuring – the non-human world is still far too complicated to understand in a lifetime.¬†¬†Layers of approximations in our symbolic replications of lipid membranes–quantum, atomic, course-grained, mesomeric, fluid dynamics. They’d give you a Ph.D. to make it, but still so childishy simplified and imperfect compared to the Real Thing. And all this work, but less effort justifying assumptions. Hilariously, researchers gotta verify that their computer simulated water is actually a liquid.


Does the loss of regional and class-specific accents force a more economically mobile society, or do we just become more attuned to subtler signals of origins? Is social class particularly worth maintaining between generations? Obviously lame, but very stabilizing.

Daisy in The Great Gatsby is so similar to Estella in Great Expectations. My sister concurrs. I’m sure essays have been scrawled. Tempted.



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  • and/but: Yeah, there's good reason to despise the desire to define terms: define "define." Define "desire." Define "reason." Bleh, etc., and so on. But I wond
  • Wonder: So I wonder why you cross lines between all levels of abstraction so swiftly and I wonder whether you even notice. I wonder to what degree these c
  • realsnowfake: omg I bring I back from he dead just for you, zombie blooooog