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NYTimes (audio) Patient Voices — pathos delivered right to my messy cave, and I don’t even have to read anything.¬†Listening to strangers speak so calmly about tragedies, which would be cliche if they weren’t true, feels simultaneously wholesome and fluffy. Plus these disembodied clinical/human interest audiofiles stoke my hypochondria and some vague smug guilt as I wiggle my toes without pain, contemplate my unsettled future, with wheelchairs and decades of swallowing monster pills firmly in the abstract.

And oh look I can write a first blog post, finally joining the future face first. I have no readers, because I do not yet exist. Hello void.

  • What is your opinion on purebred dogs? Don’t puppy farms seem so disingenuously FUN?
  • Are there nerve endings in the umbilical cord? If so, are they more likely connected to babby or host mama?
  • Do prioritized charts help you make decisions? What about pro/con sheets? Supposedly, the number of options and Important Details matter.
  • What percentage of people who know Eee equals m c squared also know what it (a) stands for and (b) means? I only really know on a superficial level, justified by our first introduction in a 90s era Tiny Toons episode.¬†[One of the saccharine bright characters is temporarily gifted Einsteins brain for the duration of a math test, but oh the catch — Einstein’s abilities were non-optimal for elementary school math, my dear Watson]

Dallied ~hr yesterday day searching for a way to snarkily inform anonymous google reviewer for my local post office that she probably hadn’t “waisted” time in her futile passport quest, but since homonym correction proved impossible, I am now charmed by the bizarre misword. It’ll fool a computer spell cheque! And a skip away, teenagers talk in such characteristic jerky absolutes, and its staccato tempo has become increasingly poignant with my growing isolation from the ‘-agers. I can buy alcohol and they can’t. Also — those underage cops minions who wait outside liquor stores to entrap sympathetic adults — get a life. You’re punishing your closest adult allies.

Medical words involving sleep make such good use of the letter x.

Nothing to it but to do it!



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  • and/but: Yeah, there's good reason to despise the desire to define terms: define "define." Define "desire." Define "reason." Bleh, etc., and so on. But I wond
  • Wonder: So I wonder why you cross lines between all levels of abstraction so swiftly and I wonder whether you even notice. I wonder to what degree these c
  • realsnowfake: omg I bring I back from he dead just for you, zombie blooooog